New News

Hello out there and welcome to the NEW! Love Me Tenders has a lot of fun stuff going on right now that we are excited to share with you.

– As you can tell, our site is being launched and we will continue to add new content frequently, so please check back often. Soon this site will be the place to get great RECIPE ideas, watch fun videos, and learn about Love Me Tenders products. Also check out for America Loves BBQ products, such as Fully Cooked Riblets and Family Tradition BBQ Sauce – the perfect complement to Love Me Tenders. 

– Love Me Tenders is now available at select locations in the greater Chicagoland area! Our new store locator is being updated, so you can see if your local Walmart is carrying Love Me Tenders.

– The Love Me Tenders/Chicago Cubs T-Shirt promotion is still going strong. We continue to get orders from you on a daily basis, so if you have just recently purchased bag #3 or #4, please send the UPCs to us so that you can add our T-Shirt to your collection! For complete terms and conditions and an Official Order Form, please click here:


Love Me Tenders T-Shirt Promotion

Department 422

6200 N. Hiawatha

Ste 620

Chicago, Illinois 60646

– The list of restaurants NOW SERVING Love Me Tenders continues to grow. Please visit our friends at CASEY MORAN’S, 3660 N Clark, for a delicious plate of Love Me Tenders and good times. Also, stop by your neighborhood Home Run Inn Pizzeria where you can enjoy Love Me Tenders. Coming soon to the Bradley Center, home of Scott Skiles and the Milwaukee Bucks (we all maintain this is most certainly NOT a conflict of interests and are Loving the start of the Derrick Rose Era).

– We enjoy reading all of your posts and take the emails that you send to us very seriously, so if you have any questions or ideas – please let us know. You can write to us at: with questions or with feedback. Thank you for continuing to support Love Me Tenders.


One Response to New News

  1. Nan says:

    When will Love Me Tenders be available in Western Illinois?

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